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David Knispel Art

Broken Trunk Among Towering Trees - Watercolor - Paper - 11 x 15 - NFS

Broken Trunk Among Towering Trees - Watercolor - Paper - 11 x 15 - NFS

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Watercolor on Paper - 11 x 15 inches. 


The broken tree trunk was a stunning juxtaposition to the towering, thriving trees surrounding it, that I felt was also a metaphor for many things in life.


All materials I use are of the highest professional qualities.

The paper I use is professional, artist-grade, 100% cotton or cotton rag, and is acid-free.

All pigments I use are professional, artist-grade pigments with lightfast ratings of only “excellent” and “very good” which are the best lightfast ratings available. This means the pigments I use will stay vivid over time if properly cared for (see below "Framing and Storing" to learn how to properly care for watercolor paintings).


Watercolor paintings should be professionally framed using all non-acidic materials (ex: non-acidic adhesives/tapes, non-acidic mats, non-acidic backboard, etc.), a mat/mount is imperative to separate the painting from the acrylic/glass in order to prevent moisture from building up onto the painting which will ruin the art, and a UV-protected acrylic or glass cover. 

Watercolor artwork should never be framed by yourself or other non-professional using common frames found in stores or online as these are most likely acidic and will permanently destroy the artwork over time. Also, the adhesive (ex: tape, etc.) used, any mat that is included with a store/online-bought frame along with any accompanying backboard likewise will be acid, and will not be non-acidic/archival or museum quality, and will likewise permanently destroy the watercolor artwork over time.


Once professionally framed, watercolor paintings should be stored/hung on the wall where no sunlight, heat, or moisture is present. Some places a painting should not be stored/hung: 1) where the sun shines through a window and onto the painting or where sunlight is reflecting onto the painting; 2) a bathroom; 3) kitchen, or a 4) sauna room.


All items are sold "as is" and are not refundable. 

Watercolor paintings are extremely delicate, and every effort, expense, and care has been spent by the artist to create one-of-a-kind, original paintings using the best lightfastness-rated artist-quality professional pigments (lightfastness ratings of either "excellent" or "very good"), 100% pure cotton or cotton rag professional paper, and non-acidic/archival materials where applicable (ex: adhesives [ie tape, etc.], plastic sleeves, mats, mat boards, foam boards, backboards, etc.), and never placing or storing the art in any strong or direct sunlight (ie I ensure my art is never stored where the sun can shine through a window and illuminate my artwork. I also store the paintings in non-acidic/archival plastic sleeves to help ensure no dust occurs on the art, nor any oils from touching the painting with my hands [all hands have natural oils and oil is detrimental to watercolor artwork, along with sunlight, and acid]).

Unfortunately, I cannot ensure that the same standard of care that I use will be used by a customer, and due to the delicate nature of these unique, one-of-a-kind, original artwork, along with the manner and materials I use to package and ship the artwork, I would not be able to accept any returns, and all sales are final.

Please contact me if you have any questions, or would like to share with me a picture of the artwork hanging in your home/office/etc.

If you want to know when new paintings are available, for updates, and news, sign up for my newsletter. I also show works in progress, and other insights on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.


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