About the Artist


David was born and raised in Los Angeles, and moved to Santa Barbara, California when he was 17 years old to attend University of California, Santa Barbara. After earning a degree in Sociology from the UCSB, and graduating law school, David began to focus on watercolor painting as a way to balance the rigorous academic demands. He has always been drawn to the beauty and magical quality of the natural world, and watercolor allowed David connect with this world.

Watercolor's expressive potential and its ability to directly capture the fleeting beauty of the world around us captivated him. No other medium has the ability to flow, mix, and blend in the manner that watercolor does. And when asked why he does not paint in other mediums, David's response is, "Water is the essence of life, and it makes up the vast majority of Earth. Nothing connects me more to life, nature, and my subjects, than sculpting and creating each artwork with water and watercolor. And because watercolor dries differently every time, the values, colors, and edges are almost impossible to recreate, and I love how each piece of art is a world unto itself, completely unique -- like a fingerprint." David chose to be an Artist, instead of practicing law or mediation, because he loves contributing to others. He believes every painting he creates is a "constant companion" for his clients; the paintings from David's collection will be ever-present in his clients' homes and offices during times of celebration, contemplation, work, and daily life.

David is known for his expressive use of light and shadow, and his paintings capture the essence of Santa Barbara, and the California coast, from the rugged cliffs and rolling hills, to the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. Whether painting en plein air or in the studio, David imbues his work with a sense of spontaneity and energy that draws the viewer in and inspires them to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the natural world.

When he's not painting, David can be found hiking along the Santa Barbara coastline, finding inspiration in the rugged terrain and crashing waves. He is deeply committed to conservation and the protection of natural habitats, and hopes that his paintings will inspire others to appreciate and preserve the beauty of the world around us.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about David and his work.