The Magic and Power of Art Through Pet Portraits

The Magic and Power of Art Through Pet Portraits and David Knispel Art are printed in white letters over a painting that David Knispel did of the Santa Barbara Courthouse



My friend recently lost her dog, Wink. She is a dog photographer, and has one of the biggest hearts of anyone you’ll ever meet, literally doing everything in her power to help and save our furry loved ones. She is the owner of Winkface Photography, and creates the most beautiful pictures and photo shoots of dogs. She is truly talented and puts her entire heart and soul into her pictures.

I surprised my friend with a portrait of Wink, and we both teared up, cried a little, and then laughed and chatted. This is the beauty and magic of art, exemplifies how powerful art is, and how it affects and touches us to our core. 

I’ve Added Pet Portraits To My Website

I was hesitant to add pet portraits to my website because they are so different from the other art I create (mostly landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes). 

After I saw how meaningful art can be in this context, I decided to add pet portraits to my website, and to share this side of my art. 

Like all of my subjects, pet portraits come directly from my heart, but there is a different element to them — the meaning and significance they provide is usually felt on a deeper, visceral level than landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes. While there are exceptions (ex: the location you were married or fell in love, graduated from, etc.), our furry family members are just that — family. And it is such an honor, and a great responsibility, to put all of my heart, love, energy, effort, and knowledge into creating these memories for others.

If you have a story about how someone gave you a gift for or about your furry loved one, let me know! 

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